Aug 27

Skyline Skaters Hack Tool (Android/iOS)

Today we introduce to you the 100% working Skyline Skaters Hack Tool which add unlimited Coins,Bucks and Unlock All Board and Sketers to your devices application in just one second. All you need to do is just to login and press activate hack. We guarantee you that you will be the best Skyline Skaters player after use this amazing tool.

Skyline Skaters Hack Tool is a amazing tool which enables you to draw lots of joy from your favorite game. It is created for the best players who can appreciate very well – programmed games. So if you belong to this elite group – this hack is exactly for you. It offers only the best upgrades and improvements which you can use during the whole game play. For example it adds Coins,Bucks and Unlock All Board and Sketers which are completely undeniable indispensable in Skyline Skaters.

Download our special, created only for you, awesome tool. It has been created by a group of the best programmers so you do not have to be worried about anything unwanted. It is all completely safe starting from downloading until you use an application. It is also worth to tell that installing process of Skyline Skaters Hack Tool is very simple. Any layman can handle it. So if you are poorly versed in the world of computers you will not have got any problems with it. So do not wait! Just press “download”, wait a minute, install, generate and then just enjoy the new quality of your favourite Skyline Skaters game.



Hack works on two devices (Android or iOS)
Undetectable (100% PROVEN AND SOME)
Easy to use, a few simple clicks and finished
If the hack is patched, UPDATE will be done within 24 hours
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Bucks
Unlock All Board
Unlock All Sketers

Download the file from the links

Connect your phone to your PC and start Skyline Skaters Hack Tool

Enter if you want to unlimited Coins,Bucks and Unlock All Board and Sketers

Click “Start Hack” and wait a moment

Visit Skyline Skaters game app to see the changes

Download LinkDownload-Button_dropbox

Aug 27

Thor The Dark World Hack Tool (iOS/Android)

We are ready to show you our new product from 2014: Thor The Dark World Hack for iOS and Android devices.

Aren’t you tired of playing the game all day long just for the sake of getting the items in the game. But, at the end you get still same amount of coins that can’t help you in buying big items. Today, we’ve an exciting news for you. Thor The Dark Wolrd Hack Tool has been released.

Thor The Dark World Hack Tool its very easy to use and 100% safe,you can generate unlimited URU , RUNES , ISO – 8 and you can also Upgrade Armor,Weapons and Skills . Get now for free and have fun !


This is what you need my friends, why spend most of the time in download the hack tools that don’t work at all. With the help of thsi hack tool you can generate the items in just seconds. You know what! 90% of people that are ahead of you are using this hack tool. You may find them telling the lie that they are not using any cheats or hacks to generate the items in the game. But, the bitter truth is that ALL those people are fed up with this hack tool.

Thor The Dark World Hack Tool Features

Unlimited URU
Unlimited ISO-8
Unlimited Rune
Upgrade Armor, Weapons and any other skill.
Supported for Android as well as iOS
No Jailbreak Required
Free to Download



You can download the Thor The Dark World Hack Tool by clicking the below button.


Aug 25

Zombie High Dive Hack Tool v2.91 (Android/iOS)

We are very proud to give to you Zombie High Dive Hack Tool! After long research and development, and countless hours of trial and error we have finally managed to provide a working cheat for Zombie High Dive. Its main function is adding Unlimited Cakes , Biscutis to your game account!

You do not need to provide any account data as our tool has built-in phone and account detect function. All you need to do is to select a device type – Android and iOS are supported at the moment. We have not omitted our revolutionary function, Guard Protection Script! It is making wonders in anti-ban business. Its main goal is to prevent any account checkups, bans or warnings in the Zombie High Dive.

Our Hack has easy to understand and use interface, which makes use of it possible to everyone- even a little child. It’s that easy! Our Zombie High Dive Hack has been tested by our tester team in order to find bugs and flaws, or security holes.



Zombie High Dive Hack Features:

Add Unlimited Biscuit Hack
Add unlimited Cakes Hack
Zombie High Dive Hack Latest Version (Auto Update Working Version)
Undetectable, Safe and affective (100% Guaranteed)
User-friendly interface and supports Plug and Play. (Connect Device, Adjust Settings & Activate Hack)
Works for all Android mobile phones or tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other iOS device.
Auto Device Discovery Enabled
No ROOT or JAILBREAK needed.
Updated daily to Daily updates to certify the working hacks.


1. Download the application through our verification server (in order to prevent developers finding out about our tool)
2. Choose the device – iOS or Android
3. Press Connect – the application connects through the device with help of USB connection
4. Input Cakes, Biscutis values that you wish to have generated
5. Click Start
6. Enjoy your generated goods with Zombie High Dive Hack


Aug 24

Aeria Points Generator Hack v3.18

Today we present you an amazing Aeria Points Generator Hack for all players who are playing Aeria Games. With our latest Aeria Points Generator Hack you can generate Aeria Points Generator for free and buy features in all Aeria Games Shops/Stores. It’s very easy and you can get Aeria Points without paying for it – 100% FREE.

We assure you that our Aeria Points Generator Hack is fully undetectable, it runs on almost every browser, it has been used and tested for over 2 months on hundreds of accounts, so you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned, everything is 100% SAFE! If you are still not convinced you can try it on a new account.

Our Aeria Points Generator Hack can generate a lot of free Aeria Points and you can use it in all Aeria Games – for example Shaiya, Repulse, Eden Eternal, Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, Wolf Team, Kingdom Heroes, Metal Assault and other.

It requires only your username and amount of Aeria Points to add. After 5-10 seconds you will get free Aeria Points and you can use it instantly in all Aeria’s Games. You can watch the video and see that generating Aeria Points is a very easy process.

Our Aeria Points Generator Hack works on Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista and Macintosh.

Instructions for using Aeria Points Generator Hack:

1. Download and run the Aeria Points Generator Hack
2. Enter your Aeria username
3. Choose the amount of Aeria Points to add and click “Generate”
4. Wait several seconds
5. Aeria Points will be on your account
6. Enjoy!

You can be sure that you will be one of the best players after using our Aeria Points Generator Hack :)



Aeria Points Generator Hack was succesfully scanned by VirusTotal.

Aug 24

Slingshot Braves Hack Tool (Android/iOS)

Hello! Our group has ready for you hack into the diversion SLINGSHOT BRAVES. Slingshot Braves Hack Tool is mind blowing. With it you can have: a great deal of Gems, a ton of Coins and Unlimited Stamina! For our venture we presented the alternative ANTI-BANNED by which wellbeing have the capacity to utilize the hack.

This hack has been tried by our fans. Exceptionally like it. We choose to enhance it keeping in mind the end goal to distribute it to all concerned. Chipping away at it kept up very much quite a while. We have attempted to program everything so well, that the client was fulfilled. We trust you will like its characteristics, execution and visuals. Our group comprises of encountered developers. Download and test today!


Features Slingshot Braves Hack Tool:

Generate Unlimited Coins
Adds Infinite Amount of Gems
Generate Unlimited Amount of Health and Stamina
Working on Android and iOS
Automatic Updates – A program itself checks for updates and installs them
Anti-Ban System and Private Proxy – We are using a guard protectection system to protect your account and device.

No root or jailbreak required – Program does not require any system files of your device
You don’t have to enter personal information – Program does not need any of your data
This program works on every version of the game and the system


1.Download hack tool from our site. (
2.Download game form google play or app store (itunes)
3.Unrar all the files somewhere on your disk
4.Connect your device to pc using USB cable or lighting cable (Wait some time – the connection must be established)
5.Run Slingshot Braves Hack Tool and choose what you want to hack
6.Done! Enjoy!


Aug 21

Nemo’s Reef Hack Tool (Android/iOS)




Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!


Hello my friends, today we prepared you an another amazing hack , Nemo’s Reef Hack Tool for android and iOS.With this hack you can generate unlimited dollars,algae and pearls,but you can try also “Level Up”, “Unlimited HP” and “Unlimited XP”, to be the best .

Nemo’s Reef Hack Tool created by our team ,, is very easy to use, just follow the instructions below.Try now this hack and share it.


Hack Proof


Instructions(how to use Nemo’s Reef Hack Tool)

1.Download the Nemo’s Reef Hack on link bellow.
2.Connect your Android or iOS device.
3.Select your features and enter their values.
4.Click the “Start Hack” button, it will automatically hack the game.
5. Enjoy !

Nemo’s Reef Hack Tool FEATURES

Unlimited Dollars
Unlimited Algae
Unlimited Pearls
Level Up
Unlimited HP
Unlimited XP
Auto Update
Undetectable (Anti-Ban Code)
No JailBreak for iOS or Root for Android Needed
Supports all iOS and Android devices


Aug 21

WWE Supercard Hack Tool v2.45 (Android/iOS)

Today, we are presenting you great program for WWE SuperCard . WWE SuperCard Hack Tool is great hack which generates you unlimited CREDITS. WWE SuperCard Hack Tool gives you chance to be the best. You can very fast and simply add any amount of credits. All you need to do is download WWE SuperCard Hack from button below and use it.

The development team took care of the security of the WWE SuperCard Hack Tool, making it undetectable. WWE SuperCard Hack has special Guard Protection Script. Our professional programmer created very easy to use user interface, so you won’t problem with use this special trainer.

Note! You don’t have to enter your personal information, so do not worry about your anonymity. WWE SuperCard CheatsAndroid/ iOS has automatically updates. Normally it takes a few minutes. WWE SuperCard Hack Tool works on any device which have installed Android or iOS software including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, smartphones and tablets. Now you will be the best player!



WWE SuperCard Hack Tool Features:

✓ Unlimited Credits
✓ Unlimited Energy cards
✓ Unlock All Cards
✓ Works on ALL version game!
✓ Tested by many people. And a lot of creators of hacks.
✓ Easy to use friendly interface
✓ Undetectable: Anti-Ban and proxy protection
✓ Works on Android phones and tablets, and on iOS Devices including
iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.


1. Download the / WWE SuperCard Hack Tool / bellow.
2. Connect your Android or iOS device.
3. Select your features and enter their values.
4. Last one – click the Start Hack button, it will automatically hack the game.
5. Enjoy your hack!


Aug 21

League of Legends Riot Points Generator (2014)

Do you need Riot Points, but you can’t seem to afford it or get any? Well, you can get with our League of Legends Riot Points Generator here!

This League of Legends Riot Points Generator is the solution to all your problems. When you get this generator, you will have FREE RIOT POINTS! Get your free riot points here! Generate all the Riot Points you want! Now, you can buy all the champions, skins, boosts; whatever you want!
I found a loophole in Riot’s transaction database, and using this loophole, I am able to SPOOF a fake transaction in order to get the FREE RIOT POINTS. This method is being released to the public for now.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where players take control of a character called a champion, and are matched with and against other players in teams. As of December 13, 2013, there are 117 different Champions from which to choose from. Players meet up usually in “lanes”, and gain levels from killing the opposing team’s Champions controlled by players and Minions that regularly spawn and attack the other team. The player earns a small amount of gold passively, but gets more by killing minions, towers that guard the lanes, and neutral monsters. With this gold, they can buy items to strengthen their champion for the duration of the game. On the classic Summoners Rift map, the game is ended by destroying the last structure on the map, the enemies’ “Nexus”. Other maps have variations of rules and objectives, such as Dominion where the team’s Nexus will lose health when the opposing team has at least three of the five towers in their control.


How To Get Your Free Riot Points For LoL with League of Legends Riot Points Generator:

Download now to start get your free prepaid Riot Point game cards which you can redeem in the League of Legends Store for free Riot Points. You can generate your own free RP without a credit card or a PayPal account.

How it work:

1.Click on DOWNLOAD button and save .rar in your computer.
2.Open README.txt and complete a short survey.( it is necessary to see if you are a bot or a person)
3.After you will complete a survey,your downloading will start automatically.
4.Open League of Legends Riot Points Generator , write username and riot points.


League of Legends Riot Points Generator was succesfully scanned by VirusTotal :

Aug 21

Iron Knights Hack v2.2 (Android/iOS)

We are happy to announce that we have finished creating our new project for Iron Knights Hack. Right here you can download working Iron Knights Hack Tool for your Android system using device!

Thanks to this little application you will be able to add Gold and Gems, and then you nobody will be able to stop you. Want to solo bosses? No problem! Buy and equip most expensive gear and don’t even bother about your pocket weight! Show no mercy to your enemies, become a true legend beyond people!


Iron Knights is a brand new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The battles take a page from some of the best in the genre on these platforms, but card-collection elements provide an entirely new level of depth to this game, with nearly unlimited varieties of equipment and fighters that you can get in your party. Read on for some tips and tricks for Iron Knights!


Features Iron Knights Hack:

✓ Add Unlimited Gold
✓ Add Unlimited Gems
✓ Easy to use friendly interface
✓ No root or jailbreak required.
✓ Undetectable: Anti-Ban system and Proxy for safety
✓ Works on Android phones and tablets, and on iOS Devices including
iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.



How it Work :

1.Download Iron Knights Hack.
2.Plug the device into your computer.
3.Open Read Me !.txt and follow instructions.Now Run Iron Knights Hack.exe
4.Select the type of device , after select game value.
5.Click on the Connect button and wait until the hack will add features to your account.
6.Close the window and check out the game.



This hack was succesfully scanned by VirusTotal.

Aug 21

The Sims Freeplay Hack Tool (2014)

Hello gamers ! We are happy because we have great news for you. We created The Sims Freeplay Hack Tool which you can use to add easy money in your game. Yes I always provide the best cheats, hacks, bot, trainer for the best games so today I want to share with you new The Sims Freeplay Hack!You can use it on android, iOS and much more devices.

What’s new have this application ?

I see that someone add speed game hack to this hack tool. This is new option and I want tell you something about this. You can speed the game up to 5x (5x faster game ). Also you can option to get unlimited money ( simoleons and Lifestyle Points ). Now you don’t need earn money alone, it’s waste of your time – use this tool to add unlimited resoruces then you can enjoy the game with full of possibilities.


I am very excited that you read my post and i can tell you that in the future I will share more greats cheats and hacks for not only this game but for the most popular games for mobile, android, iOS, pc devices. Visit my site often maybe you will get latest hack tool for your games ! I like it, why ? Because I can help people this is my reason to write and find cheats for you.

The-Sims-Freeplay-Hack1-300x201 (1)

How to use The Sims Freeplay Hack Tool :

1.Click on download button.
2.Save and unrar the file .
3.Follow instructions from README.txt
4.Open The Sims Freeplay Hack Tool
5.Select your items and your device.
6.Click,,Hack Game” ,wait several seconds .
7.Hack work ! Enjoy!


The Sims Freeplay Hack Tool was succesfully scanned by VirusTotal.